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  1. Majoras Mask PAL version is MULTI4,english has been included.Greetings.
  2. Yes!,you can play in USA consoles,the base game is a USA game. Sorry if i cannot make game request,but,more games will be added. 3 games has been added!Enjoy!
  3. I don't know if works,sorry mate.
  4. You need signature patch using mocha for install this.
  5. Fixed! ;-)
  6. Use this and take a look: Here
  7. Yes,you can download with uWizard and then make a fake signed title.tik,with the titlekey. Greetings.
  8. The DKCR Wii version has a dump of the titlekey,so,don't need to be inject. Greetings.
  9. Yes! Super Paper Mario has been added!
  10. Ok,no problem. I'll do soon.
  11. New games added!!!
  12. The next injects! ;-) coming soon.
  13. Dragon Ball Revenge of King Piccolo was added!!
  14. Play with the Wii U Gamepad on the screen!! Enjoy titles never dumped or never released on Virtual Console!! Wii U & Wii Classic titles both on ONE USB/HDD!!! Only EUROPEAN releases! Some .bmp images made by nice guys of gbatemp! (Thanks!) Other .bmp are dumped by me from the original (USA) release! More releases are on the way!! (PWTGP)=PLAY WITH THE GAMEPAD Mario Kart Wii EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) (PWTGP) [hide][Hidden Content]] The Last Story EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) (PWTGP) [hide][Hidden Content]] Zack & Wiki EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) [hide][Hidden Content]] Dragon Ball Revenge of King Piccolo EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) (PWTGP) [hide][Hidden Content]] Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) [hide][Hidden Content]] Wario Land The Shake Dimension EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) [hide][Hidden Content]] Resident Evil Zero EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) [hide][Hidden Content]] Okami EUR (EN) Okami EUR (SPANiSH PATCHED) EUR (ENGLiSH) [hide][Hidden Content]] EUR (SPANiSH) [hide][Hidden Content]] Resident Evil EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) [hide][Hidden Content]] Tatsunoko VS Capcom EUR (EN) (PWTGP) [hide][Hidden Content]] Pikmin EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) [hide][Hidden Content]] Super Paper Mario EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) [hide][Hidden Content]] Sonic Colours EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) (PWTGP) [hide][Hidden Content]] Mario Sports Mix EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) [hide][Hidden Content]] Kirby's Dream Collection USA (EN) [hide][Hidden Content]] Poképark Wii : Pikachu's Adventure EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) [hide][Hidden Content]] Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles EUR (Multi5) (EN-FR-DE-ES-IT) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. [hide][Hidden Content]] Sorry for the delay guys.