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  1. I'd just wait, in a couple of days you can get on Google Drive or something. Plus you can't even do anything with it right now so its better to just stay patient.
  2. [Release] Monopoly - Fifa 18 - NBA 2K18 - Ben 10

    Is there a forum or a way we can contact them with our requests? Really would like to see games like Sonic Mania and Donkey Kong.
  3. Will you be adding DLC to Zelda and Splatoon and any other game that requires it? BRO HALF YOUR GAMES ARE INCOMPLETE! MARIO KART 8 ONLY HAS 6 PARTS WHEN EXTRACTED. PART 2,5,21,13,25,28 PLEASE CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE UPLOADING PROPERLY
  4. Bro. YOU ARE A GOD. respect to you for those google drive links. Is there a reason though why your files are smaller than the same game that I downloaded on Mega? What are all the games you're going to add soon?
  5. Nintendo Switch / 111 Games [XCi][Roms][]

    No offense but this website is hard to use