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  1. [Hidden Content] For those unfamiliar, this is supposed to be an interactive "game" featuring ero-cosplayer, Eri Kitami. I don't think requesting a game like this violates the ToS, seeing as there's no nudity, and it gets away with only a D rating. That's like an M rating in America. More info here: [Hidden Content] If you can get the DLC, too, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Did BBB/anyone rip Golf Story yet?

    Can I request Switch eshop titles here?
  3. [Torrent] 20+ switch games open sign-up private torrent site

    Does seeding require that my games stay exactly where I down them too? Some of us want to keep our laptops nice and tidy.
  4. Gal Gun 2 switch (zyppishare-uptobox) (eur-multi)

    Thanks! Can you dump the DLC, too?
  5. @HerptyDerpty , Can you please re-upload?
  6. Can you install this on the official system menu?
  7. [4S] Official Dark Umbra Android App

    Can you re-upload this on another site, OP?
  8. [MF] Mega Homebrew Apps

  9. [MF] Dark Umbra Wii Theme

  10. [MF] Awesome Channels/Forwarders